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Toll Manufacturers, Powder & Liquid Blending, Solution Making, Pouch Bag & Drum Filling, Sieving & Screening, Houston USA

Spanish Fabricantes de peaje, Houston

We solicit inquiries for  processing blending, making solutions, sieving & re-bagging needs at our Houston area facility on toll manufacturing basis.

We solicit inquiries for contract packaging or Private Labeling needs at our Houston area facility on toll manufacturing basis.

We can assist you with procuring raw materials using our bargaining power thru our network. We excel in “need it yesterday” jobs, working round the clock and through holidays.

We have equipment for grinding, drying, sizing, blending and bagging (private labeling)
We have climate controlled manufacturing building to handle hygroscopic and hazardous products
We can do solid/liquid blends, solid/solid blends, liquid/liquid blends, custom chemical blends
Finished liquid product as per your specifications can be prepared and packed in totes, drums or tank trucks
Finished solid product can be packed in bags, super-sacks, pails, drums and 0.1 lb to 10 lb bags

We also offer assistance with regulatory compliance & formulation development. Our quality control laboratory and R & D facility is always at your service.
We also offer weekend and after hours deliveries. We undertake reclamation of solid/lumped products.
We can do re-bagging from super-sacks to smaller packs and vice versa.
We can outsource large volume manufacturing to our plants overseas to reduce costs.
We can assist you in procurement of raw materials. We have contacts all over the world to manage the same.
Please inquire for any specific processes you may need.

Solids: Re-bagging, Grinding, Pulverizing, Drying, Sizing, Sieving, Blending, Mixing and Bagging
Liquids: Blending, Toting, Bulk Storage, Trans-loading,
Solid-Liquid: Blending various solids in to various liquids
Regulatory: Rely on our experience to comply with local and federal laws
Formulation Development: In-house lab, multiple engineers and chemists can help take your idea to fruition
Reclamation/Re-work: Salvage lumped/hard materials
Palletizing: Make cylindrical pellets from your dusty powders
Off-Shoring: With owned manufacturing plants in India and China, move your production overseas to get the best economics!

3 acres fenced land with multiple buildings and loading docks
Climate controlled manufacturing building to handle hygroscopic and hazardous products
300+ Pallets storage space, part of it humidity/temperature controlled
150+ Tote storage space, part of it indoors/covered

Scale Mounted Poly Blend Tanks of various sizes (7500 ga, 2000 ga, 1500 ga, 300 ga)
Stainless Steel 316 Reactor with heating/cooling arrangement
10 HP Hammer mill (Fitzmill) of Stainless Steel
60” Circular Sieves (Sweco) with Ultrasonic Anti-Blinding to handle the finest powders
Automatic Bagging Machine
Bulk Storage tanks
DM/RO Process Water
Multiple pumps, dust collectors, conveyors, etc------

  1. Blend liquid/liquid, solid/liquid and solid/solid blending capabilities
  2. Receive/ship out tank trucks
  3. Package liquids in pails, drums and totes
  4. Package solids in bags and pails
  5. Sieve products (ultrasonic vibrating sieve)
  6. Pulverize (grind) products to a finer size
  7. Handle corrosives, oxidizers and some flammables
  8. Climate controlled storage space of 7200 sq ft
  9. Covered storage space of ~15,000 sq ft
  10. We also offer assistance with regulatory compliance & formulation development
  11. Quality control laboratory on-site and R&D in India
  12. Weekend and after hours deliveries available
  13. Reclamation of hard/lumped products
  14. Re-bagging from super-sacks to smaller packs and vice versa
  15. Off-shore large volume manufacturing to our plants overseas to reduce costs
  16. Assistance with procurement of raw materials using our offices in India, China, & UAE
Chemical Pulverizing Sizing
Sizing Pulverizing
Seiving Sizing Mesh
Screening & Sieving Machine
Chemical Powder Blending
Powder Blending
Powder Filling Bagging
Pouch Filling & Bagging
Toll Manufacturers, Powder & Liquid Blending, Solution Making, Pouch Bag & Drum Filling, Seiving & Screening, Houston USA
Liquid Storage
Chemical Reactor Mixer Blender Solution Maker Disspoving
Chemical Reaction Vessel
Filter Solution
HDPE Reaction Vessel
Liquid Pouch Filling
Liquid Filling & Bagging

We can do powder blending and packing in bags or pouches or drums. We can do toll manufacturing of liquid blending or solution making with filling in bottles jars cans or drums. We are also toll manufacturers for pulverizing screening and sieving & sizing facility with bagging or packing.

Chemical Drum Packing Chemical Solutiom Tote Liquid Chemical Re-bagging Plastic Pail Packing

Liquid Pouch Liquid PouchesJar Packing Small & Big Jars Bottles of Powder & Crystal Bag & Box Packing Pouch with Cap


Chemical Toll Manufacturers Houston Texas

Finoric LLC
Chicago Illinois and Houston Texas, USA. Tel: 773-829-5811

Finoric & Parenterals FZE, PO 10559 RAK Free Trade Zone, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

We are looking for Technical Sales Representatives in New York and Los Angeles Area.

We solicit inquiries for processing (blending, making solutions, sieving) & re-bagging needs at our Houston & Midland Texas facility on toll manufacturing basis.
We server Oil-well Fracturing Companies with 24*7*365 service.

Oil Drilling Fracking or Fracturing Chemicals
Ammonium Persulfate Acetic Acid
ATMP Phosphonate, Amino tris (methylene phosphonic acid)  
Citric Acid Clay Stabilizer
Encapsulated Gel Breaker Glycerin
Boron and Zirconium based Guar Cross Linkers Diverting Agent
Friction Reducer  
Glutaraldehyde Solution Hydroxy ethylidene Diphosphonic Acid, HEDP Phosphonate
Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Phthalic Acid
Phthalic Anhydride Potassium chloride KCl substitute
Potassium salt of Hydroxy Ethylidene,1-Diphosphonic Acid, HEDP-Kx Oil well fracturing drilling Biocide
Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride Tetrakis (Hydroxy methyl) Phosphonium Sulfate THPS
Scale Inhibitor BHMT Phosphonate or BHMTPMPA
Sodium Glutaraldehyde Bisulfite Bisulphite Calcium Chloride Anhydrous
Calcium Chloride Dihydrate & Hexahydrate & Solution. Sodium Chlorite Solution
Sodium Acetate Anhydrous & Sodium Acetate Trihydrate Potassium Chloride
Zinc Chloride  


Most products offered from our Houston, Texas area warehouse